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Catching Up With Brad Hawkins

There's an incredible wealth of articles in the ComixTalk archives: features and columns on craft, theory and business, insightful reviews and interviews with some of the most interesting folks in webcomics. We'll be taking a regular look back at past issues and catching up with creators we've previously covered.

Brad Hawkins is the creator of the progressively-minded, primate-populated webcomic, Monkey Law and the technical genuis behind stripshow the webcomic-focused plug-in for WordPress.  I caught up with him via email last month.

I Come From A Monday Down Under...







Geeks on Caffeine joins SpinZone Comics

SpinZone Comics is pleased to present our newest member strip -- Scott Maxim's Geeks on Caffeine!

Like several of our other members, Scott doesn't spend all his time dealing with politics... you'll find some great character-driven humor here as well. As for the politics, well... you may notice a little something different about GoC. Something a little off. Out of place, even.

Updating the Feed Lists

When we switched to Drupal one of the nice things I was able to set up was pulling in the RSS feeds of other sites to Comixpedia. That way we do less "link" blogging here but you can still get a sense of what's going on in webcomicland from the syndicated headlines.

The March of the Collectives

A collective, loosely defined, is any sustained grouping of webcomic creators. What they do together varies greatly from group to group. Some are largely a peer group offering each other critical feedback and encouraging support. Others throw in cross-promotion for each others' work. Some build a collective brand with logos, advertising and a central website. Some share business experience and expertise in areas as varied as merchandise, books, conventions, hosting and website creation.

And what did I find from my research? There's a tremendous number of collectives out there (and that I never want to attempt another "survey" article again). And, oh yeah, checking out collectives can be a great way to find excellent new comics.

Collective 'lective, What Makes You Effective?

For this month's issue of Comixpedia we're taking a look at the burgeoning number of webcomic collectives. Just why do creators band together? Gileon Pellaeon navigates through what is and what isn't a "webcomics collective" and offers five suggestions to creators for getting more bang out of their collective buck.

Debt On joins Spinzone Comics

Debt On has joined the lineup of the political webcomic collective Spinzone Comics.

Other comics in the collective include Line Item Vito, Monkey Law, Idiot Box, Fighting Words, Death of the Party and Cosmic Awareness.

The Comixpedia End of 2006 Roundtable

Our second annual virtual round table on the year in webcomics features comments from Eric Millikin, Daku, Gilead Pellaeon, Mike Russell, Lewis Powell, Alexander Danner, Eric Burns, Michael Rouse-Deane, Johanna Draper Carlson and Gary Tyrrell.

New Opinionated Webcomics Collective

Brad Hawkins, the creator of Monkey Law forwarded to me the press release for a new political/opinionated webcomics collective, SpinZone Comic. Both Hawkins and Comixpedia regular Eddie Caplan (who does Line Item Vito) are part of the new project along with four other webcomics.

Check out their new group site for details (for full press release - click read more).