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Relaunch of In Maps & Legends

Another interesting launch this past week!  Michael Jasper and artist Niki Smith relaunched their webcomic In Maps & Legends on September 1st.  They won DC's November 2009 Zuda contest, but their run there was cut short by the abrupt shutdown of Zuda by DC. 

So the creators have cooked up a multi-outlet publication plan with the first issue for sale at 99 cents at a variety of online distributors:

The comic is about a young woman caught up in a plot between our world and another:

Kaitlin Grayson considers herself just an artist until she gets recruited by a strange man named Bartamus, who shows up at her place in the middle of the night and demands she use her skills to save his dying world. Soon Kait gets caught between two worlds, and if Bartamus’ world falls, Earth is next — along with untold other worlds.

Wowio Buys

MarketWatch is reporting the Wowio bought from Platinum Studios.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Snarky commentary from Digital Strips and FLEEN.

More Comix Talk

 Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters by David Malki!

A few more stories worth checking out today:

JUSTIFY SOME HYPE: Comics Alliance has a preview of David Malki!'s new Wondermark book -- Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters.  It's been great to see Malki!'s success with the Wondermark books from Dark Horse Publishing.

INTERVIEWS: An interview with Mike Russell of the alway funny webcomic Culture PulpCulture Pulp is non-fiction, usually taking on a movie or an event in the Northwest.  And Von Allan gets interviewed -- his graphic novel (which used to be serialized on the web at Girlamatic but I don't see it there now) is The Road to God Knows.

BUSINESS: An article on epublisher WOWIO's excitement about the iPad.  I'm excited about the iPad too, but given WOWIO's history I am going to wait and see what they bring to the world in terms of product and contracts before spending too much time reporting on their revival.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Webcomic Marketing has a list of items to put in a convention travel kit.  It's a really  good idea to have a check list before leaving for a convention.

Comix Talk for Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another short update today...

WOWIO Prez Brian Altounian gives some more details to Sean Kleefeld on further financing plans for the e-publisher.  I did get at least one creator yesterday confirm to me that he did indeed get paid what WOWIO owed with some interest.  As far as I know Altounian is still the President of Platinum Studios, even though WOWIO is corporately separate from that entity now.

NOT WEBCOMICS: Valerie D'Orazio has released a free online copy of her book, Memoirs of an Occasional Superheroine.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well hmm, not a whole shaking this morning I guess.

Interviews: Rick Marshall at MTV Splash Page has a great interview with the guys at Penny Arcade about their new book and a book tour this year.

Conventions: Everyone seems to be writing about the possibility of ComicCon leaving San Diego when its current contract is up - here's the San Diego local newsprint article that kicked off the hype.

BUSINESS?: Sean Kleefeld catches some interesting tweets from Brian Altounian, owner of e-publisher WOWIO including:

Launching MoneyTV campaign for WOWIO today. Part of larger marketing campaign that will put WOWIO on the map just in time to go public.
Feb. 18

News and Semi-Newsworthy Stuff

Hi, All!

I’m quite pleased to announce that “Johnny Saturn” is back on Wowio.  Wowio has a huge readership base, a nice e-reader, and it’s approach is unique in many ways.

Big things are up with our printed books, as well, and I’ll be thrilled to announce them as soon as the signatures hit paper.  We’ve got more exciting news on the digital distribution front, but again I am waiting for that signature ink to flow!

If you haven’t noticed the “Buy Johnny Saturn Here” set of links in the left column, then now is your time to acquaint yourself with them!


What's Up With Webcomics Today

New Wowio owner Brian Altounian pledged to pay creators the money Wowio has owed for about a year now. (ht/ Tom Spurgeon)

Karen Montagus-Reyes writes about her now-not-syndicated, formerly syndicated comic, Clear Blue Water.  She started off with around 30 papers and didn't add any for about four years until she was dropped by her syndicate.  No mention of a web strategy at all so I assume she is describing a pretty typical old-school syndication effort which not surprisingly is a really tough (read: impossible) road in the 21st century.  (Her strips appear to be posted at her website but without proper archives and navigation -- someone get her a copy of Comicpress stat!)

Sequential Tart has two good interviews: one with Shaenon Garrity of Skin Horse, and one with Ethan Young of Tails.

New Ryan Estrada webcomic starting: Chillin' Like Villains.

This Day in ComixTalk: September 11th

This day in ComixTalk:

Faith Erin Hicks blogged about internal narration in comics; Platinum's purchase of Wowio was still shaking out in the news (a year later and there's still no evidence that Wowio has paid off all of its debts to creators and publishers.)

Platinum Studios filed for an IPO; and Phil Kahn posted video of numerous interviews he did at Connecticon with creators such as Chris Hastings and Kent Archer of Dr. McNinja and Rob Balder and Jami Noguchi of ErfWorld.

Jim Zubkavich announced the print version of his webcomic Makeshift Miracle.

Another update to Kris Straub's meta-meta-meta webcomic Modern Humor Authority; an interview with Maritza Campos of CRFH!!!; a review of School Spirit.

Also from the forums, RanJado wondered about how to draw distinctions between comics' readerships;

Jamie Robertson announced that he would stop working on his webcomic Clan of the Cats.  I'm not sure of the ends and outs of Robertson's work status on the comic every year since than, but I'm happy to report that right now he is working on the strip (there's an update today) and I think his work has gotten better every year.  Great strip full of of supernatural elements, adventure and relationships, all with really strong artwork.

James Kochalka won best online comic at the Ignatzs for American Elf.  He, however, did not accept his award in a gorilla suit.

Wow! Wowio In the News Again

News that WOWIO has been bought from Platinum by Platinum CEO, Brian Altounian.  Um wow.  Someone not on vacation like myself should ask both Altounian and Platinum for comment on the following questions: Did the Platinum Board approve this purchase by Altounian in his individual capacity (and what's the make-up of the Platinum Board - how many "outside" directors are there); What are the terms of the deal and was there any third-party evaluation of that deal (just how arms-length was this transaction) and finally, when is WOWIO and/or Platinum going to pay off its debt owed to content creators?

Wow - great round up of online comic news from Tom Spurgeon here.  Not even going to excerpt, just hit the link.

Tom Spurgeon also announced that he was going to try and compile a list of the 100 greatest comics for this decade.  File your suggestions with him here.

Strip News 8-14-9

lookitsampler 203x300 Strip News 8 14 9This issue of Strip News is a bit introverted so I ask you to bear with me as I wool gather.