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New Li'l Mell and William Bazillion!

Li'l Mell, drawn as usual by the wonderful Neil Babra, here.

And William Bazillion, now featuring character bios from the Official Handbook of the William Bazillion Universe, here.

Also, would someone like to create a website for me? The design I want is, I think, pretty simple, but it's beyond my extremely limited web design capabilities. I think it requires stylesheets or something. I will pay you in original Narbonic artwork or a set of Narbonic Volumes 1-5, your choice. Before you offer to save my pathetic non-coding ass, however, I have to ask that you have actual web design skills and complete confidence that you can make a good site. Like I said, I think what I want is simple, but I want it to work well and I want it to work on all browsers. Andrew gets sad when he can't read my comics on his turquoise iMac at work. I'll need the site up and running by the end of the month. If you think you can help me, email narbonic (at)