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Projects Update

I haven’t done a projects update in a long time, mainly because there haven’t been any projects to keep folks updated on. As I may have mentioned, I started teaching this past September. And one teaching job quickly snowballed into four teaching jobs, plus occasional speaking engagements. Which is great—I love the work I’m doing now. I love teaching, I love speaking to audiences, and I’m always happy to be in a classroom, regardless of which side of the big desk I’m on.

But, I’m discovering that teaching does eat away at my creative energy, not to mention my time.

The good news, though, is I’m cutting back on my teaching schedule for the summer, so I can make some progress on writing projects again. Here’s what I have coming up:

  • First, of course, is Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, illustrated by Edward J. Grug III. This one is already running and is about half done. I’m very please with how this one is turning out, and hope to have some print minis available at MoCCA.
  • Also at MoCCA will be the first issue of Inbound, the anthology of The Boston Comics Roundtable, which will include Lending Can Openers, the story I did with Steve Harrison. Also included will be “What I Learned from the Executive Bathroom,” a new one-pager also illustrated by Steve. (Of course, the anthology comics by a lot of other awesome people as well. You should check it out.)
  • Next up should be Uncertainty, illustrated by Tym Godek. This is another sizable story that I’m really excited about, especially since I’ve wanted to work with Tym for a long time. This will probably begin regular updates sometime in the next couple of months.
  • I have a couple of other short stories that I placed with artists a while ago, but haven’t heard any updates in a while. I’ll need to check up on those.
  • I’m now working on my first new script in a while—a 4-5 pager which will most likely be illustrated by my friend Dan Mazur. It’s another office story, but this one prominently features underwear.
  • Most of the above mentioned stories fit that office theme. My goal, once they are all completed, is to collect them, along with Discovery of Spoons and Mug, into a print collection. The fool in me hopes to have this done in time for SPX. That probably won’t happen. But it will definitely happen in the next year. After that, I’m getting off the office theme. I’ve pretty much run that horse as far as I can, and it’s time to do something else.
  • I also need to get back on track with articles for And I had an idea for a new column for Comixtalk as well, time permitting.

After that, things get more difficult. I have no shortage of ideas right now, but I’m having a hard time deciding which project should come first.