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Another Achewood Songfight!

Once again, this week's Songfight title is an Achewood reference. This time it's "Livin' At The Corner Of Dude And Catastrophe", a reference to the third and possibly final name for Mr. Bear's pub.

If you missed it, the last time Songfight did an Achewood title, it was What we Need More of is Science, which produced stellar offerings from MC Hawking, The John Benjamin Band, and The Milwaukee Youth Center Choir.

Monday News Mash-up

Besides my own write-up of SPX this weekend you can check out a list of SPX reports at The Comics Reporter. You can also check out the list of Ignatz winners at The Beat. Last, be sure to check out Johanna Draper Carlson's good post on webcomics at SPX.

Also alas, I missed the stage version of Get Your War On because it sold out mid-week. GWYO got really good reviews from the local DC media - I wish I had bought tickets well ahead of time.


Webcomics-In-Print has a nice wrap-up of recent and forthcoming book projects.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) the second Schlock MercenaryThe Blackness Between, will go on pre-sale.


Kristofer Straub started a sketch-blog.

Joey Manley recommends Name Removed by Nick Wolfe. "It’s got a silly, twisted innocence that reminds me of James Kochalka or Achewood..."

Back of the Envelope's Weekly Webcomic Update summarizes what Donald read last week.

Baltimore Comic Con

Baltimore Comic Con is coming up in two weeks. The con hosts the Harvey Awards, which is featuring a webcomics category for the first time this year. Master of Ceremonies Kyle (Plastic Man) Baker is going to be awarding the first-ever webcomics Harvey Award to one of the following:

Is the Stereotype Dead?

Before we begin this discussion, I should clarify just what I mean by "stereotype". I do not intend for stereotype to mean racial stereotypes, or even cultural stereotypes. What I plan to evaluate is the character stereotypes that exist in so many webcomics - characters like the hardcore gamer, the amnesia-suffering loner hero anime character, the "frisky" furry or anthro character, etc...

Achewood Joins Webcomics Nation

Today Chris Onstad, creator of the popular webcomic Achewood ( announced that he has joined Webcomics Nation, posting a private subscription-only archive of extra material for his most devoted fans.

"Webcomics Nation is the perfect solution for hosting subscriber material," said Onstad. "The content management interfaces are extremely well-designed, and the whole product is very well thought out. From uploading art to managing payments, it's very well integrated. It's the best system I've seen for anyone trying to make a living off of their comics. Our launch at WCN has been a huge success for our business, and our readers are thrilled."

Lots of Webcomics Coverage in TCJ # 277

I just got my copy of TCJ # 277, the oversized 30th anniversary issue, and it has:

-- an interview with Chris Onstad (Achewood) on page 202

-- an interview with Fred Gallagher (MegaTokyo) on page 210

-- and an interview with the most pompous jerkoff from the webcomics world on page 258 (um, me).

I haven't read the whole issue yet (it's a big one), but am looking forward to it. As for my interview, I've apologized to Kurtz for what I said -- it was kind of silly and mean -- but I still mean what I said about Jon Rosenberg.

Don't Be Hating the Hate Song: An Interview with Fred Grisolm

Fred Grisolm is the creator of two of the funniest, filthiest webcomics since Look What I Brought Home. Hate Song updates three times a week, and Filth Hole updates twice a week.

2006 Web Cartoonists' Choice Award Final Nominees

They're here! The final nominees for the 2006 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards are announced!

Although the final voting system isn't quite ready yet, this is your opportunity to check out all of the nominees and start discussing them. Then, once the final polls are open, you'll be ready to make informed and researched decisions that guarantee that the best comics will win.

Harvey Award Nominations Released

The Harvey Awards have released their list of nominations for 2006.


Also of interest is the nomination for Flight vol. 2 in the anthology category, Kazu Kibuishi's Daisy Kutter in "Best Graphic Album - Previously published" and James Kochalka's Super f*ckers in the category "Special Award for Humor in Comics".

Late Night News Update

Another milestone: Kris Straub's guest comic is the 500 installment of Zach Miller's Joe and Monkey webcomic.  Straub also mentions that Miller's book Totally Boned is up for one of Lulu's Blooker prizes. (Erik wrote about the Blookers last October.)

Not a webcomic but kind of internet-y funny: Subservient Donald.  I'd like to see Subservient Skull or Subservient Clango or something.

The Great Outdoor Fight - wow, that's really hard to describe.  But I always have a hard time describing Achewood.  It's just... AchewoodTim Tylor blogged earlier about the wiki a fan set up for this storyline.

Fleen also has more questions with Dave Kellett (Sheldon) on syndication and newspaper comics.

And Fleen also catches that Sylvan Migdal wrapped up Ascent today.