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American Elf

Deadline For 2006 Harvey Awards Nominating Ballots

Harvey Award Nominating Ballots are due at midnight, April 4th. (The actual final Harvey Awards are presented at a banquet held Saturday, Sep 8th in Baltimore, MD in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con.)

Tuesday Mid-Morning NewsBlast (UPDATED)


  • First off thanks to our current sponsor, the webcomic Zortic by Mark Mekkes. There are three (slightly cheaper) ad spots below that are still available.
  • Don't forget! This Friday is the last day to post your questions for our upcoming community interview with the creators of the Blank Label Comics collective. Post your questions in comments to this thread.






Further Thoughts On the Most Read Project

It's been two years since Comixpedia published an update to our Most Read project which tracked the audience shares of webcomics.

It was difficult to determine readership numbers then, it's just as difficult to conduct any kind of "Internet ratings" now. But it's an extremely useful process for Comixpedia as it helps to ensure that we are not overlooking significantly popular webcomics in our coverage (It is not a prerequisite that a webcomic be "popular" to merit coverage. The strength of readership of a particular webcomic, however, is a legitimate tool for deciding what we should write about). If you have suggestions for future efforts in this area feel free to post a comment here.

2006 Harvey Award Winners

 Creator of American Elf.The winner of the BEST ONLINE COMICS WORK at this year's Harveys is AMERICAN ELF by James Kochalka. Congrats!

Check out the full list of Harvey winners at The Beat.

Baltimore Comic Con

Baltimore Comic Con is coming up in two weeks. The con hosts the Harvey Awards, which is featuring a webcomics category for the first time this year. Master of Ceremonies Kyle (Plastic Man) Baker is going to be awarding the first-ever webcomics Harvey Award to one of the following:


On Tuesday we tackled (and I mean tackled, solid talkback everybody) how we, as webcartoonists can perceive others. Today, I have some thoughts on how others perceive us, to my eyes.

I've been on the road (it is rough and stuff) quite a bit lately, hitting San Diego and Chicago both, as many did, in a three week period. One of the perks of spending two whole weekends ensconced in geekery is I was able to see how the rest of the industry feels about our internet-y-world. (The other perk being Kristen Bell. Hey, Veronica Mars. Call me.)

James Kochalka


Creator of American Elf.

Eek, Autobiographical!

What is it that both fascinates and averts us to autobiographies? When we see “autobiographical” on a comic we’re more likely to skip over it. “Who wants to read about someone brushing their teeth?” Yet when we read something that we know is from life it adds more power to the story. It’s a double edged sword. The public must be tricked into reading autobiographical comic strips but once they’re sucked in then there’s only that much more flavor because it’s “true to life”

Harvey Award Nominations Released

The Harvey Awards have released their list of nominations for 2006.


Also of interest is the nomination for Flight vol. 2 in the anthology category, Kazu Kibuishi's Daisy Kutter in "Best Graphic Album - Previously published" and James Kochalka's Super f*ckers in the category "Special Award for Humor in Comics".

James Kochalka goes mainstream

The new Fox sitcom "The Loop" debuts tonight, featuring webcartoonist James (American Elf) Kochalka's song Hockey Monkey as its opening theme!