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American Elf

Price of to go up January 1

The price of James Kochalka's American Elf will go up on January 1, 2004 for subscribers. This price change does not affect current subscribers (or anyone who subscribes before January 1).

Before January 1, any current Modern Tales subscriber who adds American Elf to his/her subscription is able to do so for only $1/month. After January 1, any MT subscriber who chooses to add American Elf will pay full price ($1.95/month).

2003: Year in Review From the Mouth of Your Fave Webtoonists, by Kelly J Cooper

2003 was a pretty scary year. Whether you agree with it or not, war is a pretty terrifying thing. We lost another space shuttle, another crew, and – in a bad case of déjà vu – followed a flurry of finger-pointing in the aftermath.

What T Campbell is Reading

T Campbell is editor of Graphic Smash, writer of Fans, Rip & Teri and more than a couple of Comixpedia articles, and a slave to trends. What's he reading?

"In webcomics, I'm currently working my way through the Modern Tales lineup in alphabetical order. Most of them I read all the way through, though a few of them just don't interest me at all. Just got through No Stereotypes. I also regularly read a few standbys: Sluggy Freelance, PVP, CRFH, GPF, It's Walky, Clan of the Cats, Gaming Guardians. And of course, everything on Graphic Smash.

"In printed comics, I'm sticking with Strangers in Paradise for a little while longer at least, now that Terry's finally getting around to some of the stories I wanted him to write three years ago. Mark Waid just 0wn0rs Fantastic Four. The fanboy in me craves it, along with JLA/Avengers and a lot of Brian Michael Bendis' work.

"Textwise, I just got through Chris Sherman's The Invisible Web and a book of Harlan Ellison short stories, and I'm reading a whole lotta blogs, 'cause all the cool people are writing them these days. Only half kidding: they have a perspective that I miss from my college years.

"What's next? I want to finish off Preacher (yes, I know the series wrapped years ago) and pick up Cory Doctorow's new collection... I've read a couple of his short stories and he's an author to watch. Webcomics-wise, I'll keep working my way down the alphabet with Modern Tales, then start on one of the other collectives... probably Keenspot or Girlamatic.

"Yeah, I'm serious, I really do read all this stuff. Scary, huh?"

What Bill Duncan is Reading

Bill here, your resident image jockey for Comixpedia, and the occasional brains behind much monster mashing. I'm up early most mornings, and often in a rush, but I make time to read a few of my favorites before I hit the shower and go on about my day.

1. American Elf by James Kochalka. I'm a big fan of Kochalka's Sketchbook Diaries, and I really enjoy being able to experience it day by day. Sometimes it's brilliant and sometimes it's inane, but that's life.

2. Scary Go Round by John Allison. Bobbins was one of my first favorites, but Scary Go Round has all the bits I liked about his last strip and everything I wish I thought of first. Great stuff.

3. WIGU by Jeff Rowland. I came in late for When I Grow Up, but just in time for Jeff to reinvent himself with WIGU, which has been one of the most consistently strange and funny strips on my reading list. Who doesn't love a potato made of poison?

4. Man Man by James Duncan and Matt Shepherd. Even if I weren't related to one of the creators and good friends with the other (no bias here), I would still read Man Man every morning - particuluarly since the recent revamp. Although they have irrevocably affected the way I look at cheese and meat, they still manage to make me laugh.

5. Ornery Boy by Michael Lalonde. Though Michael only publishes one or two strips a week, I find myself looking forward to finding another update notice in my email. Ornery Boy and Dirty Girl are kind of the every-boy and every-girl of the Internet. Besides, if you subscribe you can be a "moody bastard."

What Shaenon K. Garrity is Reading

I'm Shaenon. I draw Narbonic and write a bunch of other webcomics.

What I'm reading right now:

The Right Number by Scott McCloud;
American Elf by James Kochalka;
The Magic Whistle by Sam Henderson;
Lucas and Odessa by Spike; and
Digger by Ursula Vernon.

Ignatz Award Winners Announced

The Ignatz Award winners were announced at the end of SPXPO last weekend and they include webcomic denizens: Jason Little, Jason Shiga, Derek Kirk Kim and James Kochalka.

Outstanding Artist:
Jason Little, Shutterbug Follies (Doubleday Graphic Novels)

Outstanding Story:
Fleep, Jason Shiga (Sparkplug Comic Books)

Promising New Talent:
Derek Kirk Kim, Same Difference and Other Stories (self-published)

Outstanding Online Comic:
American Elf, James Kochalka,

Art and Narrative: The Monitor Has Two Faces

Carl Jung called it the Shadow, though it's most commonly referred to as the Alter-Ego these days – a way of understanding how the different, and occasionally disparate parts of our personality relate to one another. The alter ego is that reflection of our inner-selves that we project into the outer world.

Masters of the Comic Book Medium

Decent article on one person's picks for Comic Masterpieces. All of them are from comic books of course. My question is what would a similar list limited to webcomics look like? Or maybe the question should be, are webcomics mature enough as an artform to begin asking such questions? And if not, how long does it have to go?

Important Dates in Webcomic History?

We're working on compiling important dates in webcomic history - if you've got some suggestions post them here. Thanks!

2003 WCCA Nominees Released

The Web Cartoonists Choice Awards' Nominees for 2003 were released this week.

Voting for award winners is ongoing from now until June 29th and the winners will be announced on July 6th. Read on for a list of the nominees: