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American Elf

AdventureStrips' Anticlimactic Denouement -- Interview with Chris Mills

With the recent announcement of the demise of Modern Tales' AdventureStrips line, Interviews Editor Leah Fitzgerald tracked down Christopher Mills -- the driving force behind the shortlived subsidiary. In the interview that ensued, Mills offers his thoughts on what happened, on the fate of comics that were hosted on AS, and what is slated in his own future.

Revenge of Kung Fool: The Long-Awaited HyungSun Interview

HyungSun Kim caught up with himself recently, and sat himself down for an intimate chat with HyungSun Kim. Now, for the first time, Comixpedia is proud to present to you the surprising findings that came from this no-holds barred interview. Who is HyungSun Kim? Well, as HyungSun Kim found out, HyungSun Kim is not at all what HyungSun Kim would have expected.

Disclaimer: Due to editorial discretion, this interview uses the Smurf It™ brand software to filter out all naughty words.

Art & Narrative: If at First You Fail, Write a Column About It

If at First You Fail, Write a Column About It

If you're reading closely you will probably have noticed that much of this month's Comixpedia content is related to diary comics. It was an interesting choice, and one that appealed to me right away, being a regular reader of American Elf and The Journal Comic. At the same time, I didn't know what to say about the current trend towards autobiography and introspection in webcomics - so I tried drawing one of my own.

American Elf by James Kochalka, reviewed by Matt Trepal

Webcomics are the result of the adaptation of an established art form to a new environment, which allowed the comic strip to develop in a manner and direction that had been previously unimaginable, and the diary comic is one example of this new form that would be impossible without the Internet. The immediacy of web publishing allows a creator to draw a comic now, post it to the Internet within a scant few minutes, and get comments upon it almost instantaneously. The diary comic, by presenting a snapshot of the creator's day, is about as immediate as you can get.

Life, or a Reasonably Hand-Drawn Facsimile: Journal Comics Explored (Part 2)

Les McClaine proudly proclaims himself an incurable egotist. James Kochalka says he's trying to delve into the mysteries of being human. Drew Weing draws them because he couldn't keep track of his life otherwise – he has a pretty horrible memory. Whether you accept these answers, or ask any of the growing host of other journal comic artists out there why they draw their journal comics, you'll find that, just like so many other things in life, or life itself, there is no easy cookie-cutter answer.

Waiting for Whimville

Following on the heels of James Kochalka's American Elf and Lea Hernandez' RumbleGirls will be Cayetano Garza Jr's Whimville. Currently a series on Modern Tales, Cat has been working on moving Whimville to a stand alone site. There is still no specified launch date, but it appears that date is getting closer.

As best as I can describe it, Whimville is a story about the land of Whimville where children's imaginary friends live. Unfortunately one of those friends turned evil and recruited a horde of destructive brain bunnies to take over Whimville. The plot cuts between the action in Whimville and the real world. It is a visually dynamic series that takes full advantage of its nature as a webcomic.

Kochalka Sketchbook Diaries Part 3 Coming Out

Pulse caught up with James Kochalka to talk about his upcoming print collection of American Elf comics.

Scary Go Chat: An online interview with John Allison by Leah Fitzgerald

His comic has been compared to Seinfeld - and he's done a week of "crossover" strips to prove it. John Allison, the creator behind Bobbins and Scary Go Round, hasn't always had it as easy as Seinfeld. Allison ended Bobbins, hosted on KeenSpot, to move to Modern Tales with Scary Go Round.

Driven To Distraction: James Kochalka on Journal Comics, Modern Tales and the Magic Finger

James Kochalka plays a lot of video games. He quit his job (see his graphic novel Quit Your Job) and spends his time drawing Fancy Froglin for Modern Tales and American Elf as well as working on his upcoming projects. He is also a big fan of the cute aspects of Nintendo games. He cites message boards as his biggest distraction from work, though now that he has the American Elf message boards he can hang out there and pretend to work.

Kochalka recently won an Ignatz award (which he traded to Tom Hart for a bite of Pad Thai) for his Sketchbook Diaries collection. He's also been lauded as the force behind the journal comic movement online. He’s likewise been called various names by the video game geeks he harasses on message boards, but that’s for another article.

American Elf by James Kochalka