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Chopping Block

One Panel To Rule Them All

Eric Burns has returned to the internets and posted a nice goodbye to arguably the first webcomic ever, Doctor Fun by David Farley. Farley recently ended Doctor Fun - 13 years after its debut.

I do want to quibble a bit with one thing Eric wrote though:

It's interesting to me how few of those descendants followed in its footsteps, though -- comic books and four panel comics were far more fertile ground for webcartoonists. Lots more people ripped off were influenced by Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts than The Far Side. Which saddens me, really, but I understand it. It's hard to bring the single panel funny. It's hard to have a strip without continuing characters, without even the barest vestiges of Story to hook jokes on, without even a second panel to allow for streamed execution. It's just plain hard, kids.

I don't disagree with how hard it is to do a single-panel comic but my sense is that there are more of them out there then perhaps Eric realizes. You also have to consider that because the web doesn't require a consistent format, you have a lot of webcomics that might do a one panel only sometimes - like a Boxjam's Doodle. Anyone want to help me out by pointing out some worthy descendants of The Far Side Doctor Fun?

I'll start with one of my favorites: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

2006 Web Cartoonists' Choice Award Final Nominees

They're here! The final nominees for the 2006 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards are announced!

Although the final voting system isn't quite ready yet, this is your opportunity to check out all of the nominees and start discussing them. Then, once the final polls are open, you'll be ready to make informed and researched decisions that guarantee that the best comics will win.

Wednesday Newsy-like Stuff

RSSpect adds support for podcasts with a new feature: special iTunes-ready RSS feeds.

Digital Strips catches an interview with Garen Ewing, creator of Rainbow Orchid which made the leap to the web last October.

The Kea's Nest has a short blurb about Chopping Block.

Nathan Mazur is scared of bees. He also posts his one-panel comics online.

And in notwebcomics news - here's a creative use of chalkboard art.

Wednesday News Update

Zach Miller wins the first Blooker prize for comics for his Joe and Monkey book, "Totally Boned."  Congrats to Zach!

Actually there's a lot of book-related news today: 

  • Over at Blank Label Comics, Howard Tayler is taking pre-orders for the first Schlock Mercenary book, "Under New Management".  There is a four page PDF preview here.
  • AP Furtado has new books for sale: a two volume collection filled with 48 pages of Tween called "Tween: The Collected Bad Mojo."  Also available is "The Underground Pop Anthology" which features 32 pages of different Furtado stories.  (There are more details and cover art in Furtado's blog post on this here.)
  • Chris Baldwin announced that a book collecting his Little Dee series should be out sometime this month.
  • Butternutsquash has a new update.  These guys got hit by the Speakeasy shutdown and are now working on how to publish and sell the comic book series version of Butternutsquash.  Artist Ramon Perez is also part of a new group blog on comics called Transmission X.

I may have posted this before, but you may be interested in Debbie Ridpath Ohi's tax tips for freelancers.  We're almost on top of the 2005 year tax filing deadline so if you're not already done with your paperwork get to it already!

Peter Hayward writes a bit about Alexander Danner's Panel One series on the Weekly Webcomics Review blog.  Speaking of Alexander Danner, he wrote a short review of Hope Larson's Salamander Dreams for this week's Webcomics Examiner.

And, have I mentioned Chopping Block is back?  Lee Adam Herold's creepy-funny webcomic about a serial killer named Butch is back.

New Webcomics Examiner Plus NEWS NEWS NEWS!!!

Out on your virtual newsstand - a new edition of the Webcomics Examiner featuring "The Best Webcomics of 2005" and Part 2 of "The Artistic History of Webcomics", a rountable with T Campbell, Shaenon Garrity, William G., Phil Kahn, Bob Stevenson, Eric Burns, Wednesday White, A. G. Hopkins, Rob Balder, Tim Godek, Zabel, Alexander and Brandy Danner.

Quick Hits!

Lee Adam Herold's Chopping Block is back with a new story (and a different art style).

Power restored to whichever one of those Dakotas houses Keenspot World HQ and Chris Crosby returns to updating Superosity and Sore Thumbs.

The Queen's Land, late of the late Gutterfly Comix site, has moved to the free webcomic host, Smack Jeeves and resumed updates.

Eric Burns weighs in on the recent Questionable Content storyline with an extra-biscuity biscuit. I've been impressed with QC all year really. It's a fantastic strip and Jeph Jacques just gets better every month. EVERY MONTH!

Christmas at Blocksberg, a seasonal fantasy tale, begins today at Chronicles of the Witch Queen, with art by Daniel Østvold and writing by Geir Strøm.

Webcomic pioneers John Barber and Brendan Cahill are in cahoots at Marvel in bringing forth a new Cahill-penned comicbook called Sable & Fortune. CBR has an interview with Cahill.

Super-reporter Jen Contino has an interview with David Alvarez, creator of Yenny.

re: Horror Comics

Are there any more horror webcomics out there?

An Incomplete List of Webcomics in Print, Collated by Kelly J. Cooper

Many MANY of our webcomicking friends have published print versions of their work. I've tried to find, track down, and remember as many as possible. But given the thousands (tens of thousands?) of webcomics out there, this was a daunting task. If I missed your comic, I apologize profusely and profoundly. Please add it via a comment.

Horror Comics

Hey besides Bad Blood, Chopping Block and Midnight Macabre, what are some good comics for a site for fans of horror movies to link to?

Give us links to Webcomics in Print!


We're putting together an article for June on what webcomics are in print.

If you know of any webcomics that have gone to print, post them here.

1. Name of Comic & URL
2. Creators (authors and artists)
3. Links to the books
4. Titles if you know them
5. Publisher if you know it

Kelly J. Cooper
Comixpedia Features Editor

The Keenspot mass exodus

I really don't know whether to laugh or cry :( ... though it is making me nervous ... Schlock Mercenary, ShortPacked, MelonPool, Crazy Larry and ( if it not a joke ) CheckerBoard Nightmare...