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Chopping Block

Chopping Block News: New Book, New Choptopberfest and Lee Adam Herold Hits Las Vegas

To celebrate the October release of "Always Remember To Bring the Scythe", the first Chopping Block book, Lee Adam Herold be appearing at the LAS VEGAS COMIC CONVENTION from October 31 - November 2. Herold will be signing copies of his first book at the KeenSpot table, as well as appearing in a scheduled panel discussion. Herold also announced that Chopping Block will once again feature CHOPtoberfest for the month of October.

Guest Comic Weeks At Todd and Penguin!

For the next 2 weeks Todd and Penguin will be featuring the best of the guest comics that have been done for the strip over the past 3 years. Strips from the creators of Chopping Block, Boxjam's Doodle, Skinny Panda, Framed, Man-Man Comics, Makeshift Miracle, I Am a Rocket, and more!

The artist is taking a 2 week break as he works on his book, and attempts to get a head start on new strips as Todd and Penguin heads in a slightly new direction.

2003 WCCA Nominees Released

The Web Cartoonists Choice Awards' Nominees for 2003 were released this week.

Voting for award winners is ongoing from now until June 29th and the winners will be announced on July 6th. Read on for a list of the nominees:

An interview with Zortic's Mark Mekkes

Mark Mekkes is the writer/artist behind Zortic, the long-running webcomic about Zortic and his pop culture-parodying adventures through space. Mark is also involved with the organizing committee for the Web Cartoonists Choice Awards, which is now in its third year.

Comixpedia: How did you first get a start in comics?

New Comic: The Nonstandard Assembly

Jon Towers, the man behind Jonny Axx has started a new comic that challenges the status quo of what a webcomic crossover can be.

With The Nonstandard Assembly, Towers has taken characters from Chopping Block, Diesel Sweeties, the Repository of Dangerous Things, Hotel Grim, and his own Jonny Axx to create an amazing story that redefines webcomic crossovers for all time.

State of Comixpedia

I hope at least some of you enjoyed (and got) the in-jokes that made up our April Fools' Issue. If you got at least three of them consider yourself a webcomics community insider, privy to the darkest secrets of the kingdom. A big thanks in particular to Dave Wright for the Chopping Block banner - I'm a sucker for anything parodying FOX. We had lots of help from others too, but they've all joined the witness protection plan.

Two months of Comixpedia - we've published more than 250 articles and news updates and we're hovering at about 340 members and uncounted guests. Comments on our coverage (or the lack of it!) are welcome - you can always email me at xerexes at comixpedia dot com. My response time varies on my inbox volume but I do respond.

Next week we have the community moderated R Stevens interview, with answers!, an interview with Derek Kirk Kim, reviews and columns by BoxJam and Iain Hamp.

Chopping Block Back!

The reclusive Lee Adam Herold, rumoured to be working on a CB book, has returned to post two new webcomics (here and here). This is a big deal to Chopping Block fans currently in deep freeze during Herold's hiatus.