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Family Man

Review: Family Man, by Dylan Meconis

I’ve never bought into the notion that “the eyes are the window to the soul.”  Sure, they play a role in reading a person’s mood or opinion, but if one were to ask me what facial feature is most revealing, I’d say the mouth, no question.  There’s a treasure of information to be read in the tension of a person’s lips, the crook of a smile, the skewing of a jaw.  By comparison, I just don’t think eyes have that much to say.

Dylan Meconis is working hard to change my mind.

Updates from the World O' Webcomics

Thanks to our current sponsors: the webcomic Please Rewind, and the Learn to Draw the Human Figure video series.  More sponsorships available - CHEAP! 

The June issue continues here at ComixTalk: an Interview with the creator of SPQR Blues -- Carol "Klio" Burrell; an interview with Faith Erin Hicks who just won the Joe Shuster award for Canada's Favorite Comic Book Creator, an interview with Dylan Meconis, the creator of Family Man; and Dr. Haus reviews Gun Baby.

Digital Strips blogs about the release of Jerry Stephens' new webcomic management system - BitArtist.  If anyone gets a chance to test this out please let us know what you think of it.

Howard Tayler's podcast Writing Excuses covers plot twists.

Jim Zub has written a story for  the Pop Gun 2 anthology with artwork by Chris Stevens.  It looks awesome!

Could it be?  Is Caleb coming back to webcomics?

Funny -- Webcomic Warrior Action Figures!

Lots of superhero movie casting rumors at Blog@Newsarama including this interesting bit that Robert Downey Jr. is in negotiations to star in DreamWorks/Universal’s Cowboys & Aliens, based on the Platinum Studios graphic novel by by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, from an idea by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.

Catching Up With Dylan Meconis

Dylan Meconis created the popular and well received webcomic Bite Me!ComixTalk reviewed it back in 2003.  Nowadays Meconis is working on the webcomic Family ManFamily Man is being serialized by Meconis on her website and as she discusses below is a work with a lot more ground to cover before it will be completed.

Meconis also wrote a regular column called Juxtapose This! for ComixTalk in its first years.  Aside from Paul Bryant Johnson's comics, it's the only thing I think we've published that had footnotes.  But really good footnotes! (honest!)  Being the fifth anniversary year of ComixTalk I thought it would be a great idea to catch up with Meconis and see what she's up to in 2008.