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Comix Talk for Wednesday, May 26, 2010

 Everyone SHHH

So is this comix or what?  Whatever it is, it's captions on photos and it's (sometimes) lol... (wait did I just type lol? I meant FUNNY)

INTERVIEW: The Daily Cross Hatch talks to Jon Rosenberg on wrapping up Goats, and making a career out of webcomics.

MILESTONES: Shaenon Garrity celebrates the ten-year anniversary of her webcomic Narbonic with a commemorative print you can buy here.




  • Travis Hanson writes about his webcomic The Bean which is a pretty nicely drawn comic about a young kid working for (owned by?) an orge in a tavern.  It has a pretty slow pace so far, but now that the kid has been kidnapped maybe it'll pick up some.

Comix Talk for Thursday, February 18, 2010

 The 11 1/2 Anniversary Edition

Pretty quiet today although check out this stunning creative innovation from the newspaper comic B.C.  Wow!  Now that's how you stay hip and current...

INTERVIEWS: Josh Lesnick, creator of Girly, is interviewed by the INTERNET!

REVIEWS: Johanna Draper Carlson has a review of the new mega-Penny Arcade book, The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade.  For all the reasons she's a bit lukewarm on it, I will probably love it.

CRAFT: Nice little tutorial from Jim Zubkavich on the process for a recent illustration he did.

BUSINESS: The Beat reports that, "a fairly new but bold player in the digital comics distribution field", has announced the acquisition of iFanboy, the popular comics news and information community. is in "private beta" -- anyone using it right now?

APE Party: Monsters and Mayhem! Saturday, October 17

As mentioned previously, I'm going to be at the Alternative Press Expo, where Skin Horse Volume One will be making its convention debut. (Want to buy it online now? Here!

Also, I'll be at this thing:

CAM Alternative Press Expo Party:
Monsters and Mayhem

Cartoon Art Museum Event: Saturday, October 17, 2009, 8:00-11:00 pm

Sliding Scale: $5 - $20

Looking back at Scott McCloud’s ten webcomic tips

As a change of pace, I thought it would be nice to take a look at something written about webcomics but one of sequential art’s most influential voices: Scott McCloud.

Question #3: What is the Girl Cartoonist Trap?

I don't feel like working on anything at the moment, so let's blog:

Anonymous asked (paraphrased slightly): "What is the "girl cartoonist trap"?

Good question! I don't know. Next!

Red String Unbound - Interview with Gina Biggs

Brigid Alverson of the Unbound blog at CBR's Robot 6 interviews Gina Biggs, who draws the unabashedly girly Red String, which was published for a while by Manly Manga for Manly Men (TM) publisher Dark Horse.

y2cl#582 - Sergeant Blinky 10

y2cl#582 - Sergeant Blinky 10

It should be noted that the day in which I completed this comic and posted it on the site Michael Jackson was reported dead and Ferrah Fawcett was confirmed dead. The King of Pop and the Queen of Girly Posters in the same day. Not to mention McMahan and Danny Gans.

y2cl radio Friday the 13th Episode of Drunken Drunkeness Drunks.

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Strip News 6-16-9

VELCRO2BHAT 212x300 Strip News 6 16 9Being ill this last weekend gave me a bit of free time to poke around and find some interesting novelties…

Reviews of Good Comics

Hope you all gots good stuff going today.  Me?  I got a cold.  But here's some reviews of some good stuff I found around the web this morning:

Book: Cory Doctorow on Bayou.
Book: Mark Frauenfelder on Nancy.
Book: Johanna Draper Carlson on DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary.
Web: Midnightcartooner on Super Fogeys.