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Johnny Saturn

Wizard World Chicago 2009

Benita and I will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago, August 6th to the 9th, in Artists Alley at booth 4604.  We’re no long against the back wall, but near the front of Artist’s Alley, so keep an eye out for us.  Johnny Saturn no. 1 through 9 will be available, as well as the “Johnny Saturn: Synns Of The Father” trade paperback.  If you’ve never met Benita and me, now is your chance to drop by and gab with us–we’re not shy!

Amy Letts of Epic Fail writes about Johnny Saturn

A short while ago Johnny Saturn spotlit Epic Fail, now it’s time for me to return the favour. I sincerely doubt I will do it justice but I’m gonna try!

Inside The Book No. 51


Ah, Miscellaneous Musings…

Hi, Friends!

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?  Where the heck did the week go!  Sheesh.

We got in a fresh new shipment of our trade-paperback, “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father,” today.  We are expecting our shipment of Johnny Saturn no. 9 any day now, but very likely this week.  This gives me a warm heart.

Inside The Book No. 48


Inside The Book No. 47


Assorted Thoughts and Miscellaneous Musings

Hey, Folks!

Item: We’re back! Issue ten begins today!

Johnny Saturn Resumes Monday!

Hi, Folks!

Just a reminder, Johnny Saturn resumes June 22nd, next Monday!

You’ve seen all our plot lines weave together over the last five issues, and now it’s time for the payoff!

See you Monday!


Johnny Saturn By Roland Bird


Hi, Folks!

This week, we are running some guest strips and some of the pinups from the “Johnny Saturn Pinup Gallery.”  Be assured, I’ll be working all this week to create new episodes for next week.  Today (Thursday), I’ll most likely be wrapping up the inking and any panels I haven’t penciled yet.

Warm Ups?

Hi, Folks!

It’s time to resurrect the long unused Art Talk. Here we go!

Today I began penciling page 1 of Johnny Saturn issue 10. As usual, I penciled the first panel, realized it wasn’t good at all, and thoroughly erased it. I always have problems beginning a new issue, or a new project! It never fails! Today was no exception.