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Johnny Saturn

Gratuitous Cameo Storylines

Part of the "community" of webcomics is the fun of playing in a colleague's webcomic playground for a bit. The most common aspects of this are the cross-over and the guest week. A more infamous cousin is the gratuitous cameo storyline (characters used with or without permission) where for no real reason at all scores of characters from much more well known webcomics show up in yours.

I did it, you did it, hell even Bigger Than Cheeses did it. Post your links, confess your (or someone else's) sins.

Comics War- Whose Side Are You On?

So in the comments section of my last post, an interesting point was raised. Some web cartoonists can take an “us vs. them” mentality towards mainstream comics, proclaiming we are the future and that the comics industry as it stands right now is due for a major change. I find myself in this very camp, which is why the point came up. That got me thinking.

I’m not asking if the above is true or not, we can all argue that until our typing fingers are sore and bleeding and nothing will change today, what I’m asking is if this question is getting us anywhere?

Who's going to Wizard World Chicago?

Anybody going to be there? Stop by and say "hi!"

I'll be at table 3135B in Artist's Alley, right next to fellow movie webcomickers Tom Brazelton and Joe Dunn.

I'll be bringing:

• A 48-page portfolio of Multiplex strips (not for sale); it's just printed out on a laser printer, but I figured I should at least bring some for people to read, even though I don't have any comics to sell this year. I just read through it to check for any errors, and I love that you can see every little detail in the print-outs, as opposed to them being on the web.

Tips on maintaining your health while making comics?

I was just bemoaning my recent weight gain and seeming inability to balance a health, work, comics, and a social life.

Just based on what I see from con photos and the like, we comic creators tend to be either on the "lardy" side of things, or are thin sticks who have the muscle mass of a three year old. And I realized that while you can easily find a million "how-to" topics on everything involving comics, from what side of the hand the thumb goes on to how to make cash, I have never seen anything on how one can stay healthy while making comics. (Of course, someone who's job it is to make comics may have an easier time at working exercise into their day, I don't know)

How Webcomics Have Changed Your Life

How have webcomics changed the rest of your life? Whether you are a creator of comics on the web, or a devoted reader of them, I'd like you to spend a few minutes reflecting on how webcomics have altered the course of your life in ways other than the obvious ("the obvious" being that you create and/or read webcomics).

As much as I hate to invoke anything even loosely tied to Ashton Kutcher, the Butterfly Effect is essentially what this blog post is about. For those not familiar with the concept, here's a brief description from Wikipedia:

Sorta' New, Sorta' Not

Hi, All

My name is Scott Story, and I'm not really new here, because I've been participating on the site for about a month now, but I've been hanging off to the side, I guess, watching. I'm the artist and co-writer on a weekly strip called Johnny Saturn over at, and before that I was the penciler/inker on a short-lived strip called Interplanetary Grift.Â

All you have to do to poke someones curiousity

Oh what fun stuff I found today.

"Queer Women in Webcomics" - looks like Queer webcomics are less than 1% of all webcomics out there, good thing or bad thing?

"'Man of feel' may save us from endemic homophobia" , looks like it wasn't enough for Superman's canadian origins to come up (again), but he has now become a posterboy for the gay community. Oh and, Superman returns is now in theatres today.

List of Superhero Webcomics

Let's compile a list of superhero comics on the web - post names with links and if possible a short blurb about 'em.  Thanks!

(A good starting point would be Online Comics superhero category)

Best Webcomic Printers?

A long time ago Plan 9 Publishing used to be the bees knees.

More recently there's been hubbub over Print-On-Demand companies like and (in fact ComiXpress just recently started taking new orders after backlogging up in 2005).

We had a decent thread on this subject on the last board that I'd like to start up again as a place to post experiences, tips, etc.

Another one mentioned before by KrazyKrow was Blitzprint at

Ghastly also mentioned Cafe Press but not as an endorsement:

Cafepress does POD now but unless you're doing a graphic novel sized work of 120+ pages forget it because the base price is so bloody high it's not worth it. Their content policy is pretty annoying too because you can't have any characters in your book drink, smoke, or do drugs (let alone have sex) or commit any act of violence. Basically you can only print books about people sitting around doing nothing.

Survey of Webcomics Created by Women

We're going to try a new thing next month - one of the articles will be a survey of webcomics in the theme of the issue. Next month we'll try and highlight briefly a bunch of webcomics by women that we think our worth checking out -

We'd love your suggestions to check out now before we write the article - just reply here with name and URL.