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Johnny Saturn

Grab-Bag of Updates….

My wife is the coolest person in the world.  Today, she ordered me “The Watchmen Absolute Edition,” a tome that I’ve dreamed about for a good while.  So, let me repeat, Benita Story is the essence of cool!


Inside The Book No. 26


Issue 7 Cover

Hi, Folks!

In case you are wondering why we have never gotten around to publishing “Johnny Saturn” no.s 7 and 8, there’s a pretty good reason: I haven’t finished coloring issue 7!  And, without issue 7, we can’t publish no. 8 . . .

I’m not done with coloring issue 7, because there are still five interior pages that need my attention.  But, I just finished issue 7’s cover, and (as far as I’m concerned) it’s a real beauty!  Her you go!

Sale, Sketch Cards, Imagination…

Hello, Friends!

I want to remind you that the current sale we are running, to commemorate selling out the first run of our books, that we are including a free sketch card with each copy of “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father” that you buy from this site.  These sketch cards are completely original handmade art, such as these (Shown at actual size):

Some War of the Independents Fun…

This is a George Perez inspired cover by Dave Ryan, and Johnny Saturn is in the back battling Spinner Rack Comic’s Toy Boy.


This is a page drawn by Colin Panetta of “Dead Man’s Holiday”

New Developments, Promotions, Etc.

Hi, Folks!

Today’s blog is part production blog, and part “What’s going on with Scott and Benita” blog.

Item: We sold out of our first print run of “Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father,” and we just got a new shipment of books in.  To celebrate this, we are going to include a free sketch card with each purchase of the book within the next thirty days.  The card will include an original piece of art by me, done in whatever medium catches my attention, and whatever Spire City character I’ve got an itch to draw.  It’ll be random, and one-of-a-kind!

Watchmen, Part 1

Morning, All!  Saturday I watched the Watchmen.  I was moved by this movie.

For the sake of full disclosure, I was already primed to enjoy the movie, having read the graphic novel many times.  As you can tell from Johnny Saturn, I have no allusions that superheroes are perfect or beacons of morality.  In fact, I’ve long been convinced that the world these costumed vigilantes inhabit is dark, gritty, grimy, and oh-so-unsavory.  I also believe that superhero stories reflect the world in which they are created, and by that I mean specifically the political climate.  Thus, as you would imagine, the littered, raining, graffiti marked world of Watchmen appealed to me on a deep level.

Saturnday No. 18

Death on the Docks by Scott Story - Part X - Copyright 2008 Story Studios LLC.  All rights reserved.


Rambling Thoughts and Miscellaneous Musing…

Hi, Folks!

Assorted News & Views…

Hi, Folks:

Item: A few typos were pointed out to us in today’s comic.  Thanks to Jason and SCAScott for being so attentive—your help is truly appreciated!

Item: Beginning today, we are offering the Johnny Saturn wallpapers on Webcomic Wallpapers, a new site for free or premium wallpapers.  Our wallpapers are free there, and available in a wide assortment of sizes.  The wallpapers will also continue to be free here, on this site.