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PC Weenies

Comix Talk for January 3, 2011

2011? Yep it's another year, another decade.  Another Monday...

ADVICE FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART: I don't think I realized Zach "SMBC" Weiner had a personal blog before (THE WEINERWORKS) - his posts on becoming a webcartoonist are pretty interesting.  Zach has a level of self-awareness and criticial self-assessment that is enviable.  The most recent post in the series covers his decision to go back to school to study SCIENCE! (part one, part two, part three).  It kind of stings me a bit as while I've learned a LOT from reading comics and writing about comics, I haven't actually consistently made comics in awhile now.  Here's something from Zach that I will print out and tape to the wall, "Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but lack of hard work almost certainly guarantees failure."

INTERVIEW: Tom Spurgeon interviews Andrew Farago, webcomics creator, manager of the the Cartoon Art Museum, and husband of Shaenon Garrity.

iWEBCOMICS: Comics for the Kindle? - Tom Mason has some suggestions.

HIATUS: Krishna Sadasivam puts his techy-geek (or is that geeky tech) webcomic PC Weenies on hiatus until February.

Random Plug for 2010: The crossover storyline of last year I'm going to call for this one between GWS and SP.

KICK START MY ART: Michael Gianfrancesco just launched a Kickstarter project to fund a new comic anthology called Show and Tell, a Comic Anthology about Learning and Teaching. This anthology is part of a larger project -- the New England Comic Arts in the Classroom Conference, which will be held March 26th in Providence, RI. Guests at the con will include Raina Telgemeier and Tracy White. The editorial board for the anthology includes Michael Gianfrancesco, Dr. Jennifer Cook, Heather Bryant, Dan Mazur, Caitlin Plovnick, and Alexander Danner.

MAILBAG:  Ben Haugen writes, "If you get a second, check out  It's only a couple years old, but it's starting to get some momentum all on its own... I don't do any advertising for it other than word of mouth and with possibly the worst domain name on the internet, most people wouldn't come across it (unless they found it while searching for something else)."  Okay -- a quick review of the most recent comics. It's stick figure art so it's all on the writing of the jokes and they are (a) all offensive and (b) some are kind of brutally funny, but also I thought some really missed.  It's no Crying Macho Man but it's sense of humor is in the same general place. Worth checking out if you like that kind of humor.

Comix Talk for December 1, 2010

MILESTONE: Little Gamers hits 10 years.  Also Krishna Sadasivam looks back on 10 years of his webcomic PC Weenies.  I'd still love to see more recollections on your experience this decade in webcomics.

REVIEW: El Santo gives Hanna is Not a Boy's Name 4 stars. Despite the name, the comic sounds like the offspring of Quentin Tarantino and Twilight.  And Sean Kleefeld reviews Havoc, the sequel to Chris Wooding's text-comic hybrid novel Malice.

HYPE: Critic Sean T. Collins is writing the new webcomic Destructor.  Check out Sean's work with collaborator Matt Wiegle here.

TOOLS COPYRIGHT: The online tech series Tekzilla hypes the Comical program for reading webcomics.  Unfortunately this is another one of those grab-only-the-image file type of programs. I was kind of surprised that Tekzilla co-host Veronica Belmont made no mention of any possibility of copyright issues at all.  

MAILBAG: Luke writes that his older brother Adam Whitely has recently launched a website for his comic adaptation of the ancient text The Ramayana. Adam has posted a lengthy preview of the work which he intends to publish as a full length graphic novel.  He is still unpublished and unsigned.  Check it out - what do people think of the preview?  From a quick perusal, there's a lot of interesting artwork in there, but my familiarity with the story is limited to Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues (and resulting conversations with folks more knowledgeable about the saga).

iWebcomic: Talking with PC Weenies Creator Krishna Sadasivam

Krishna Sadasivam is the creator of the long-running tech-focused humor comic, PC Weenies. Sadasivam has been publishing his comic to the web for almost nine years and I caught up with him recently via email to talk about PC Weenies and his new comic Uncubed.