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Perry Bible Fellowship

Comix Talk for Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the last issue of Dark Horse Presents on MySpace, there's a new Bee story from Jason Little; a comic based on the video game Mass Effect, a comic written byLeVar Burton plus a funny riff on a scene from Star Wars by Frank Stockton.  Future issues of DHP will be at Dark Horse's own website. (h/t Scott McCloud)

I also point you to a comic on digital civil rights in Europe that is pretty interesting, particularly if you're interested in the topic. (h/t BoingBoing)

CODE: The new convention Intervention will be hosting a workshop on Comicpress for Wordpress run by one of the developers, Frump.  This is a great idea, one that I'm surprised I haven't seen at other webcomic-friendly conventions.  Attendees to the workshop will get a bonus -- a free download of the automated Cast addon for ComicPress. The Cast addon displays cast members in a totally new way, showing when they first appeared in the comic, how often they have been in the comic, all of the comics they were in with links and other statistics as well as individual biographical information.

CONVENTION: Gary reports that Jorge Cham is organizing another Webcomics newspaper-style handout for this year's San Diego Comicon.

REVIEW: Roya Grinstead reviews the webcomic Romantically Apocalyptic with which the reviewer "was floored by its miraculous visuals, its marvellous concept, and its delightfully dark, whimsical, and twisted humour."

MILESTONE: Spwug notes that the webcomic Dreamless by Bobby Crosby and Sarah Ellerton has only one page left to post.  A review of the comic by Spwug is here.

DEAD TREES:  Scott Kurtz announced that he is leaving Image to return to self-publishing his comic books

The Queen's Hype: The Independent newspaper hypes some webcomics including The OatmealHyperbole and a HalfCyanide and HappinessThe Perry Bible FellowshipCtrl+Alt+Delxkcd, and Girl Genius.

Wednesday Webcomics

Let's get down to it! Two new feature articles today:

I talked with cat garza this month and here's the resulting interview.  (Cat blogs about it here)

In his ComixTALK column this month, Derik Badman writes about "defining comics"Neil Cohn responds on his blog.


Mitch Clem drops that the dead tree version of his webcomic Nothing Nice to Say will be published by Dark Horse and see the light of day this September.


Eric "Websnark" Burns is back writing about webcomics with snapshots of Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots); Nicholas Gurewitch (The Perry Bible Fellowship); and Aeire (Punch an' Pie).

T Campbell adds up Alexa and numbers to get a sense of the server stats for popular webcomics.  UPDATE: And here's another method -- using the Google API to rank webcomics by links-in their URLs.

And how about a side order of reviews:

Alexander Danner reviews B. Shur's I AM ROCKET.

El Santo reviews the Perry Bible Fellowship-ish webcomic Truck Bearing Kibble.

Wikipedia-Free News & Views For Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Before I get to today's news & views -- don't forget we had three new articles published in the magazine this week:

  • Terrence Marks interviews married creators, Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier. This is actually the first in a series of five such interviews we'll be publishing this month.
  • New columnist Brigid Alverson covers five short story web manga this month in Small Packages.
  • Bryant Paul Johnson returns with another installment of his historically accurate series at Comixpedia: The Antecedent.
  • And of course a big thanks to Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not for doing this month's cover art.





Fellowship of the Surreal

The Perry Bible Fellowship has been called outrageous, morbid, hysterical, surreal... In this interview, creator Nicholas Gurewitch elaborates on all of the above.