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Scary Go Round

Comix Talk for Monday, January 25, 2010

For what it's worth, I've got a fresh install of DRUPAL on the dev server at home, working up a streamlined version of ComixTALK.  Laid out the basic theme (moving to a 2 column layout) and now tackling cleaning up the horror that the tag and category system at ComixTALK has mutated into....  Right now I'm debating whether to port ComixTALK as is to the new server or wait until I get the redo... done.

One story that caught my eye this morning was this rant by blogger-czar Jason Calacanis about comScore.  Worth reading to think about.  Another interesting story from Tom Spurgeon, who has an essay up at the Comics Reporter which I think one could summarize as "wow, there are a lot more good comics than when I was younger..."  I guess I would add, "wow, there are a lot more good webcomics than 10 years ago..."  And if you need a recap of recent webcomic news, Delos has a whole bunch of interesting links covering last week at Art Patient.

NEW BOOK: John Allison posted the cover art from the forthcoming 8th book collection of Scary Go Round: "Recklessly Yours." 

Cory Likes Corndogs: Goats scores a favorable review from Boing Boing Blogger Cory Doctorow for the second book in the new series: The Corndog Imperative.

ZUDA IDOL SCANDAL? Digital Strips reports on the departure of one of the ten finalists from this month's Zuda popularity contest. Apparently The  Thunderchickens had a good shot of winning it too, so the undisclosed reasons for its departure must be something non-trivial.

POLLS: Over at the Washington Post's comics blog, Schlock Mercenary is leading their Best Webcomic of the Decade poll, followed by Girl Genius.

INTERVIEW: Inkstuds has an (audio) interview with Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Non-ZUDA CONTESTS: El Santo reports that John Lustig of Last Kiss is having a contest -- write the best dialogue for a comic captioned by Orson Scott Card.

ALL AGES: Comics For Kids has a list of recommended comics for the classroom.

Scary Go Round Book Preview

I noticed that John Allison posted an abandoned cover effort for his forthcoming print collection of Scary Go Round comics.  It's not clear from his post if the title of "Peloton" is set or not but dang - it'll be the 7th collection of SGR.  That means SGR is about 100 years old in webcomic years.

And whilst we're on the subject of Allison's saga of Tackleford, did everyone catch the 'zine comic he recently posted as part of the current storylineThe 'zine strips start hereyou can pick up the storyline here, but the storyline probably starts here (although it jumps to other events from time to time).

Tuesday Mean Random Stories About Webcomics... Doesn't It?

Wizard is doing webcomic stuff again - an interview with Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court, John Allison of Scary Go Round, a roundtable with a pretty cool cast of creators (from ComicCon).

Laura Hudson who works for the magazine Comic Foundry has a blog with some good webcomic-related posts.  Most recently she interviewed Leigh Walton of Top Shelf 2.0, and Rantz Hosely of the Long Box Project.


Ted the Robot asks how many books he should bring to this year's SPX.  Good question -- surely there's some collective common sense advice out there on this?

Michael Jantze of the webcomic The Norm tries creating an "audio comic".  I guess it's for people too lazy to read the words themselves?

So the Daily Cartoonists hits a civility crisis.  I can relate having had it rip through Comixpedia/ComixTalk in earlier years.  It's hard to come up with "rules" for conversation but you can kind of tell when a place is working and when it's starting to deteriorate.  The sad thing is it really always seems to be a small number of people who either like to pretend to be or probably really are borderline psychotic that cause the most damage to a site.  </soapbox>

Rob Balder's Partially Clips gets a shout out from blogger and biologist PZ Myers.

This Week in Webcomics is a pretty cool new blog you might want to bookmark.

Brandon J. Carr has a new project with David These Stories Are True - check it out.

I love John Allison's take on Batman.

Bring Me The Webcomic Of Alfredo Garcia

Thanks to our current sponsor  -- the Learn to Draw the Human Figure video course.  More sponsorships are available -- cheap and even cheaper!

Our August issue is officially launched - I have a quick review of a great photo reference book filled with shots of facial expressions; Derek Badman reviews two webcomics from the European webcomics site, Electrocomics; Patric Lewandowski wraps up his examination of closure and synthesis in comics; and I have an interview with Andrew "mneonix08" Gomez on the reboot of his webcomics toplist site, Buzzcomix.  And last but not least the very cool cover this month is from Peter Donahue, the co-creator of Pear-Pear (be sure to click the "view the entire cover" button to see the whole thing).

Comics Worth Reading adds a few more thoughts on the relaunched WOWIO ebooks site.

Scott Kurtz gets mocked by Triumph the Insult Dog at Comic Con - see the video from the Conan O'Brien show here. Kurtz handled it pretty well actually and managed to get a solid plug in for the Skull the Troll doll.

Apparently a lot of other Scary Go Round fans were also appreciative of John Allison's Baker, Butcher and the Candlestickmaker superhero squad in the latest SGR storyline.

Lore Sjöberg is making D&D-themed comics at his Bad Gods website.  The latest, called "Rust Monster" is classic.  If you've never checked out Bad Gods before - click through the archives; I'm pretty sure 99% of you will laugh at the very funny animated bits he did in 2006.

Catching Up With John Allison

John Allison has been making webcomics for almost as long as the world wide web has existed.  First with the comic Bobbins and then since 2002 with his current project Scary Go Round.  We reviewed Scary Go Round in our December 2005 issue and interviewed John for our 2003 issue (John also did the cover art for our December 2005 issue).  I got a chance to catch up with him via email on the eve of the 6th anniversary of Scary Go Round.

Guest Art Golazzo!

James Turner picked a guest artist for his webcomic Beaver & Steve today.  It was fun to see all of the various interpretations of Turner's script.  There were a lot of good entries -- some of my favorites didn't even merit runner-up status for Turner, including entries from Danny Burleson, Dave Wright, Jean Thebe, and Scott Wright.  If it had been up to me I would have picked Drew Mokris' entry as the winner but Turner's choice from Dan Woodhouse is pretty cool too.  (Pictured at right is my entry which, deservedly, DID not win.)

The other guest art event going on is Scary Go Round's Feats Of Strength.  Creator John Allison wrote earlier this week that he "had some very creative and inventive entries but don't feel that this thing has been won yet by any means."  I did a comic for this, but I felt like I rushed parts of it.  

Rolling After Christmas News Post (UPDATED)

Wow - I'm exhausted. Grey skies and a little rain for the day after Christmas. Hope you all have had a happy winter solstice season so far.


  • On the heels of comes which is another digg-clone for comics. There's nothing wrong with comics-focused versions of more popular social networking tools, in fact it's great that this stuff is emerging. But the trick to success with these comic clones is whether or not they garner a critical mass of users (which is the same key to success for the original versions of any social networking site). came pre-sold to CBR's significant audience, ComicSpace came pre-populated with OnlineComics large directory of webcomics. I'll wait and see with as it doesn't seem to have any similar affiliations to jumpstart it.
  • Joey Manley has been using Alexa to show trends of various webcomics hosting services (here and more recently here). It's a bit tangential to interest in tracking individual webcomics' audience numbers but nevertheless interesting to see how other hosting services match up to the somewhat entrenched coke and pepsi of the market.
  • Writer Caleb Monroe has set up a page intended to be a guide for beginning comic creators.






  • Art Room is an online drawing tool and gallery from the Saatchi Gallery. Holy high-low culture collision Batman!