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Most Read: Final Version

Back in 2003-2004, ComixTALK ran a series of articles under the banner of "Most Read" trying to work through how to measure the respective audience shares of various webcomics.  More recently, T Campbell borrowed the idea to generate a list of such webcomics for the former version of

I've pulled together one more Most Read list, this time relying fairly heavily on Project Wonderful data.  Mostly though I went to the trouble of compiling this to point out how someone else could do a better job of it in the future.

Bailout Comics

Will the economy crater as Washington fiddles?  Will Wall Street bigshots get their bonuses?  Will there be any banks left standing by the end of the year?

Man that's serious... after yelling at your representatives for letting things get so bad we're in this mess we all need a laugh.  Post some links to comics on the crisis de jour.

In Search of the Best Web Comics

I've been trying to build up a list of the best web comics for my RSS aggregator.

So far, I'm subscribing to the following:



Highest Ranked Comics at the Webcomics List

 The Webcomics List is practically a webcomics institution at this point.  In addition to keeping track of webcomic updates, it has an active forum and syndicates news from ComixTalk.  Here's a list of the highest ranked comics there:

  1. Level 99
  2. Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  3. Questionable Content
  4. VG Cats
  5. Penny Arcade
  6. Menage a 3
  7. The Order of the Stick
  8. Dueling Analogs
  9. xkcd
  10. Girl Genius
  11. Dominic Deegan
  12. Misfile
  13. Sinfest
  14. Least I Could Do
  15. PVP
  16. Punch an' Pie
  17. MegaTokyo
  18. Looking for Group
  19. El Goonish Shive
  20. 8-bit Theatre
  21. TwoKinds
  22. Something Positive
  23. Peter is the Wolf
  24. Apple Geeks
  25. Gunnerkrigg Court

Most Subscribed Webcomics at Piperka

Piperka is a pretty cool webcomic list and bookmarking site -- I read 99% of my webcomics through it.  I'm not sure how many users Piperka has currently so take this list of the most subscribed comics there with a grain of salt:

  1. xkcd
  2. Questionable Content
  3. The Order of the Stick
  4. Penny Arcade
  5. The Perry Bible Fellowship
  6. Girl Genius
  7. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  8. VG Cats
  9. Sinfest
  10. Dresden Codak
  11. The Adventures of Dr McNinja
  12. Gunnerkrigg Court
  13. Something Positive
  14. PvP
  15. Megatokyo
  16. Looking For Group
  17. Erfworld
  18. Dinosaur Comics
  19. 8-Bit Theater
  20. minus.
  21. Sluggy Freelance
  22. Shortpacked!
  23. Inverloch
  24. Applegeeks
  25. Dominic Deegan

Schlock Mercenary: Enemy of the State

Just prior to the big EV1 outage this weekend I heard from Cybermaus, a Schlocker from the Netherlands who is currently in China…

I am in China (Shanghai) for the last few days, having problem getting my daily digest of Schlock Mercenary, and suddenly I realize: Schlock is being censored!

Straight Outta Warrenton: Clay and Hampton Yount

Clay and Hampton Yount are the co-creators of the weekly-updated comedy comic Rob and Elliot.  Clay is also the creator of the now on hiatus Cosmobear as well as the creator of "Bikini Frisbee Suicide Days", the former Saturday-only series at Sluggy Freelance.

Rob and Elliot is one of those "wacky roommates doing crazy random things" comics that is a lot stronger than its thin premise would initially suggest.  As a comedy comic it scores on the most crucial criteria -- it's funny.  And it does so through both the writing and the artwork. 

Read on for my interview with the brothers Yount.

Some Jibba Jabba With Webcomics' Own Mr. T

I've known T Campbell for a number of years now and we used to kid that he's the hardest working man in webcomics but there's definitely a kernal of truth to that.  This guy writes a lot of webcomics and than he goes out and writes about webcomics as well.  And although he's no longer local to my neck of Virginia and no longer writes for ComixTALK  I thought it would make a good interview to catch up with him as we barrel on into 2008. 

If you haven't run into T before, well, his webcomic projects include Fans, Penny and Aggie, Search Engine Funnies, Rip and Teri, and Cool Cat Studio.  He's got another one out just now called Sketchies (with co-writer Phil Kahn and art ist Ryan Estrada).  He wrote for ComixTALK before writing for other sites as well as turning his History of Online Comics series into a book.  He also spent a number of years editing the action webcomic anthology site Graphic Smash.

WCCA 2008 Nominees Are Out

The nominees for this year's WCCAs were released this past Sunday (sadly without any fanfare, or press release... again). But lots of interesting choices (and good links to comics!):

Achewood by Chris Onstaad
Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio
Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell
Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton

The ComixTalk End of 2007 Roundtable

Our third annual virtual round table on the year in webcomics features comments from Gary Tyrrell, Dirk Deppey, Tom Spurgeon, Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Derik A Badman, Reinder Dijkhuis, and JT Shea and Scott Gallatin.