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A Softer World

So, Webcomics?

Seems to be an awful lot of dialogue here about Drupal and the sort. But not so much about webcomics.

With the WCCA Nominations I figure everyone would be goin to bat for their favorites this year. Or is that faux pas? Editorial silence in the house?


I liked Tweep, Philip likes A Softer World and Gilead likes No Room For Bushido.

Drawn! blog points out that Dylan Meconis has posted drawings of the entire Battlestar Galatica cast, drawn as if they were on The Simpsons.  And coincidently Fleen just wrote about Meconis' latest webcomic Family Man.

Watch Adam Hughes draw.  Nice video. 

New webcomics collective emerging: Gangbunch which includes Tauhid and several others.

Notwebcomics dept: a video of Kochalka's Monkey Vs Robot.

The Daily Mumps

Hello friends. The Daily Mumps is a daily one-panel photo comic made out of pictures of my own lousy kids. I know! A very special hell! But let's be reasonable. You try my comic, I'll come to your house and fluff your pets up for you. Deal? And if you dig it, feel free to pass the Mumps along to a friend.

Busting Out Of the Web

It's another look back at the webcomics world that was.  February was a short month, but jam-packed with news of webcomics busting free of the web itself into print, phones and iPods. 

And what does all of this mean for the notion of the webcomic itself?

Traffic Magnets: What Has Worked For You?

What did you do last year that brought you the most traffic?
We tried conventions, advertising, forums, e-mails, begging... Banner ads and trolling the forums still seem to be the best bet for Adam and I.
How about you?

Webcomics: a Medium, not a Genre Pt. 2

Thought we might continue this discussion since the forums have been renovated.

To recap: Webcomics is and should be a medium for creators to tell their stories, not unlike books, movies, theatre and video games. They are not a genre that has been defined by PvP, Penny Arcade, Keenspot and the like.

A Softer World To Be Collected in Print Edition

Joey Comeau recently announced on his blog that A Softer World, the webcomic he co-created with Emily Horne, is destined for a print collection this summer.

Third, Emily [Horne] and I have been hard at work for a month now, putting together "A Softer World: Truth and Beauty Bombs" which will be released on Loose Teeth Press, hopefully for June. This will be a perfect bound, wonderful collection.

A Conversation With Joe Zabel

Joe Zabel is both a webcomics creator (most recently he finished The Ice Queen: A Trespassers Mystery) and the founder of The Webcomics Examiner. I really enjoyed our conversation - the topics ran all over -- from Joe's webcomic work to Harvey Pekar and journal webcomics to the future for webcomics in general.

Best Webcomics of 2005

The Best Webcomics of 2005 -- as selected by... everyone!

Comixpedia's List of 25 People Of Webcomics for 2005

A simple list of people of webcomics based on their contributions to the medium in 2005. And we have no doubt that we left off someone we shouldn't have. We're sorry. We'll try harder next year.