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Comix Talk for Monday, September 20, 2010

One Year of Guilded Age by Campbell, Kahn and Henderson

MILESTONES: A little late but it was Guilded Age's one year anniversary this month.  RESPECT!

CONVENTIONS: I went from a weekend of comics overload to a weekend of coaching girls soccer.  Just what are the differences there...  Anyhow still haven't finished my SPX/Intervention Report yet (but still planning on it) so here's other folks interesting comments:

CRAFT: I thought this post by Jeph where he showed how a QC strip worked with different fonts was interesting. If you go with digital font over hand-lettering you're presented with a huge set of options -- I can understand how you might want to change it up after 1500 strips.

INTERVIEWS: CBR has an interview with Shaenon Garrity, currently working on the daily comic Skin Horse.

REVIEWS: Johanna Draper Carlson reviews Gordon McAlpin's first print volume of Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show and Delos has a review of The Checkered Man.  I also posted a review of Joann Sfar's graphic novel adaptation of The Little Prince.

BATTLE OF BRITANNIA:  Kris Straub is apparently in England as we speak.  I have this half-formed Beatles = Half Pixel joke in my head; "hey which Half Pixel is Kris?" but maybe I'll leave the jokes to the properly caffeinated this morning.

SPX 2010 Photos (Part 1)

Photos of creators from this year's SPX (part 1)

Comix Talk for Monday, April 26, 2010

Chibi Narbonic by Shaenon K Garrity

Another week and whadya know the Wikipedia entry for ComixTalk was deleted.  Meh?  What I really need to be working on is getting a cameo in Evil IncGary gets all the cool webcomic cameos...

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG POST TO REMIND YOU THAT THERE ARE ONLY 6 DAYS TO GO IN PATRICK FARLEY's KICKSTARTER DRIVE TO BRING BACK ELECTRIC SHEEP.  As of Sunday night yesterday there were 354 backers putting up $5,371 in pledges -- less than $650 to go to make the magic number.

AWARDS:  The Comics Reporter reports that Aaron Colter's webcomic Wondermark won Outstanding Webcomic at the Stumptown Comics Convention awards.  Only thing is I'm pretty sure Aaron Colter is the marketing coordinator for Dark Horse and Wondermark is from a fellow named David Malki!.

BUSINESS: inked a discount deal with a printer for its subscribers.  Is that ironic?  Well either way that sounds like a good deal and a nice benefit to subscribing to

CRAFT: David King, creator of Danny Dutch, has a set of lettering dos and don'ts. (h/t Robot6)

A GOOD USE OF SOME DEAD TREES: Not brand new news, but damn exciting - Hope Larson has been signed to do a graphic novel adaptation of Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time.  I love(d) that book -- it blew my grade school mind away.


More Comix Talk

 Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters by David Malki!

A few more stories worth checking out today:

JUSTIFY SOME HYPE: Comics Alliance has a preview of David Malki!'s new Wondermark book -- Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters.  It's been great to see Malki!'s success with the Wondermark books from Dark Horse Publishing.

INTERVIEWS: An interview with Mike Russell of the alway funny webcomic Culture PulpCulture Pulp is non-fiction, usually taking on a movie or an event in the Northwest.  And Von Allan gets interviewed -- his graphic novel (which used to be serialized on the web at Girlamatic but I don't see it there now) is The Road to God Knows.

BUSINESS: An article on epublisher WOWIO's excitement about the iPad.  I'm excited about the iPad too, but given WOWIO's history I am going to wait and see what they bring to the world in terms of product and contracts before spending too much time reporting on their revival.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Webcomic Marketing has a list of items to put in a convention travel kit.  It's a really  good idea to have a check list before leaving for a convention.

Strip News 12-4-9

Bernard004 200x154 Strip News 12 4 9Let’s keep things practical this time, shall we?

A Post about Feeds: Addendum

Two things:

The Joy of Webcomics lies, cheats, and steals

joyofwebcomicsThere was apparently a big To Do down in SoCal this weekend. Various webcomic types are spending this week coming down from the high of San Diego Comic Con. The event has gotten so large that I swear I saw Stan Lee on CNBC last night doing a post-Con wrap-up. Surreal.

Quick news item: webcomic domination of the Harveys

Xaviar Xerexes of ComixTalk reports on an interesting development in the Harvey Awards: a lot more webcomics are getting the nod this year.

There are a lot of webcomic angles to the list of nominees this year, including the seven nominations for Jeff Kinney’s Diary of A Wimpy Kid (a comic with a webcomic origin) and 10 noninations for John Gallagher’s Buzzboy which also has it origins in an online version.

2009 Harvey Awards Nominees

The nominees for the 2009 Harvey Awards are out -- all comics creators (those who write, draw, ink, letter, color, design, edit or are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field) are eligible to vote for the award winners from now through August 8th.  Ballots for voting are available online here.  There are a lot of webcomic angles to the list of nominees this year, including the seven nominations for Jeff Kinney's Diary of A Wimpy Kid (a comic with a webcomic origin) and 10 noninations for John Gallagher's Buzzboy which also has it origins in an online version.

In the online category, the nominees include three comics on DC's Zuda website: BLACK CHERRY BOMBSHELLS, HIGH MOON, NIGHT OWLS, plus PVP, and LEAST I COULD DO.  Interestingly enough three webcomics from Zuda also received nominations for Best New Series: HIGH MOON, NIGHT OWLS, and SUPERTRON.  (Check out CBR's recent interview with High Moon artist Steve Ellis)

Least I Could Do artist Lar deSouza also snagged nominations for Best Cartoonist and in the Special Award for Humor in Comics.  David Malki! of Wondermark also got a nod in the Special Award for Humor category and another one in the SPECIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PRESENTATION category for his book WONDERMARK, VOL. 1: BEARDS OF OUR FOREFATHERS (which I own a copy of and agree is absolutely deserving of this recognition).

In the BEST BIOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL OR JOURNALISTIC PRESENTATION category HOW TO MAKE WEBCOMICS, by Brad Guigar, Dave Kellett, Scott Kurtz, and Kris Straub received a nomination.  In the Best Anthology category, FLIGHT VOLUME 5, edited by Kazu Kibuishi received a nomination.

Strip Features

Tangents reviews Starship Moonhawk and the Newark Webcomics Examiner looks at Traitor. Webcomics Finds reviews Rice Boy and Seek and Destroy. (And El Santo is taking spring break. Enjoy yourself, masked one. The internet will be here when you get back.)

Courtesy of Comixtalk, Comic Book Resources and Newsarama, we have a plethora of interviews; Planet Saturday, Soul Chaser Betty, Wondermark, Anders Loves Maria and Joe Loves Crappy Movies. Let’s add the Joe Kubert interview to the list, too.

The best part of this article on ComixTalk about some of the more tired webcomic ideas is not the actual rebuttals. Those make some sense, though I have less of a problem with the ideas than others seem to. The best thing is the very contents of the very last comment (at this time) by Scarfman. He said that “webcomics, like internet fanfiction, doesn’t have a higher rate of crap than other creative endeavors; it has a higher rate of exposure.”