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Welton Colbert Versus

Old School meets new school as Welton Colbert comes to ComixTALK to tell you kids today about a time when being a cartoonist meant something. This month, Welton interviews Andrea Peterson, creator of No Rest for the Wicked.

Welton Colbert was once respected and feared all at once as both a comics creator, and a sequential arts historian. He has come out of retirement to share his wealth of knowledge with a new generation of artists. This month, Welton takes a look at the place where unbridled creativity and friendly competition collide, Strip Fight.

This month, Welton Colbert takes a look at Squid and Ink, the upcoming monthly anthology featuring new comics from a number of extremely talented cartoonists. And Welton.

This month's summer-themed extravaganza, Welton Colbert reviews Whispered Apologies in an all-Ryan webcomic collaboration!

Tymothi Godek has comics in a wide array of styles and techniques at his site The Yellow Light. Most notable are his WCCA-nominated infinite canvas comics, created with Markus Muller's Infinite Canvas application.

This month, many participants in the Daily Grind participated in "Draw like another grinder" week. Inspired by the occasion, Welton did a long overdue review of everybody's favorite Ironman Challenge.

In an especially Spooktacular edition of Welton Colbert, Welton talks about Orneryboy by Michael Lalonde.

You may have noticed that last week, Zampzon and Daku, hosts of the webcomics podcast "Digital Strips," were trying their darndest to snag an interview with Welton Colbert. Well, they finally got a hold of the old coot. The following comic rendition of the interview that took place was written by Estrada and Zampzon, and illustrated by Zampzon and Estrada.

These webcomic kids today, they just love drawing other people's comics for them. They can't make their own updates, but they seem to make time to make other people's. Well heck, if they wanna do my work for me for a week, that's fine by me.Guest week? Pah! Back in my day, you drew your own comics. You didn't let just anyone go around drawing your comics for you. Why, if you found out someone else was drawing your comics, you'd take them to court! And back then you didn't take them to some namby pamby courthouse, where you'd whine to a judge and he'd make them give you money, no sir, back then you'd take 'em to a courtyard, so you could challenge them to a duel.

As a new year dawns, many look to the future. But for a man as stuck in the past as Welton Colbert, it is impossible to look to the future without looking to the past. Therefore, we present to you this collection of vintage rants, recently unearthed from the Colbert archive.

Welton Colbert must have mistaken the "Old School" theme for "Old News" because his topic today is a response to something that happened months ago. But when has Welton ever been up on the times?

There's been a lot of talk lately about the unauthorized use of characters in webcomics.  This month, Welton Colbert and Ali Graham discuss this very issue.

Welton Colbert returns to the pages of ComixTalk for a very special day!  And we're not telling why it's special!  You'll just have to figure it out for yourself  - click on for the comic!